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UK-SBA Response to BBC Documentary “Asperger’s and Me”

Many people enjoyed the fascinating BBC documentary ‘Asperger’s and Me’ that aired on BBC2 on 17 October. Chris Packham, natural history expert and presenter, offered personal insight into the way Asperger’s has influenced his life, at times creating significant challenges, but also creating significant strengths and opportunities.

It was disappointing, however, to see that up-to-date information on the science and practice of applied behaviour analysis in the UK was not presented.  Instances such as these tell us there is still much to do with regard to effectively disseminating the research and practice of behaviour analysis – not just in the media, but to the people for whom ABA could make a positive difference to their lives.

We will continue to make this one of UK-SBA’s priorities.  We will be writing to the BBC to ask that they contact the society for any information regarding Behaviour Analysis in the UK, to ensure it is current, accurate and relevant for the UK.

For an excellent summary of the issues, read the response from parent and member of the UKSBA Advisory Committee, Jane McCready, visit:

UK-SBA Speakers’ Series

The 8th Speakers’ Series will be held 9-10 November at UCL in London.  The series features Dr Jesse Dallery, who is an expert in contingency management for health and addiction-related behaviours.  For more information, click here.