ABA Tutors SIG


To provide a forum for ABA tutors, for networking and peer support.

Specific Aims:

  • The SIG for ABA Tutors supports the objective of training and education by providing a forum in which tutors can share and recommend books, resources, courses, etc. ¬†Also, the SIG allows tutors to post queries for other members with more experience, thereby supporting the integrity and quality of ABA-based interventions country-wide. Tutors are able to discuss techniques, resources, materials, and research.
  • If the group is popular it is hoped that speaker events could be organised.
  • Regarding research, the forum will recently published books and articles for members to keep up-to-date with behaviour analytical research.

For SIG Members:

Please join and participate in our Facebook Group.

For more information:

Please contact the ABA Tutors SIG Chair, Niki Ward at [email protected]