The Mission of The UK Society for Behaviour Analysis is to contribute to public wellbeing both through the application of Behaviour Analysis and by ensuring that behaviour analysts practice safely, competently and ethically. The Society is committed to advancing the science and practice of behaviour analysis, to broadening public awareness of the discipline, promoting and disseminating relevant research studies and serving as an advocate body in public debate on issues relating to behaviour analysis.

The UK Society for Behaviour Analysis is a non-profit membership organisation.

The key purpose of the Society is to act in the Public interest to keep the Public safe and to enable proper and public accountability for the behaviour analysts who work to prevent and relieve the needs of children, young people and adults suffering disadvantage or disability because of behavioural difficulties.


  • Setting up, publishing and maintaining a Register of members, which will include their qualifications, appointments and experience;
  • Formulating standards of professional conduct and competence for those engaged in behaviour analysis services in the UK;
  • Developing, improving, and disseminating best practices in the recruitment, training, and professional development of behaviour analysts;
  • Promoting the recognition of behaviour analysis as a science and in its various applications;
  • Advocating for and facilitating research;
  • Communicating about behaviour analysis to consumers of its services;
  • Acting as a central body for the purpose of consultation and information in matters of educational or public interest concerning behaviour analysis in the UK;
  • Promoting and facilitating the dissemination and exchange of information on matters of professional competence by the holding of conferences, meetings or seminars;
  • Encouraging the study of behaviour analysis by establishing and promoting training courses;


  • Ethical action in the promotion of human rights, health, well-being, and dignity
  • Outstanding service to Society and to its members
  • Continual pursuit of excellence for the practice of behaviour analysis
  • The data-driven application of behaviour analysis