To act in the public interest by promoting safe and ethical practice underpinned by the science of behaviour analysis.


To be the home of behaviour analysis in the UK.


  • Setting up, publishing and maintaining a Register of members, which will include their qualifications, appointments and experience
  • Formulating standards of professional conduct and competence for those engaged in behaviour analysis services in the UK
  • Developing, improving, and disseminating best practices in the recruitment, training, and professional development of behaviour analysts
  • Promoting the recognition of behaviour analysis as a science and in its various applications
  • Advocating for and facilitating research
  • Communicating about behaviour analysis to consumers of its services
  • Acting as a central body for the purpose of consultation and information in matters of educational or public interest concerning behaviour analysis in the UK;
  • Promoting and facilitating the dissemination and exchange of information on matters of professional competence by the holding of conferences, meetings or seminars
  • Encouraging the study of behaviour analysis by establishing and promoting training courses


  • Ethical action in the promotion of human rights, health, well-being, and dignity
  • Outstanding service to Society and to its members
  • Continual pursuit of excellence for the practice of behaviour analysis
  • The data-driven application of behaviour analysis