To develop a network of behaviour analysts interested in the application and dissemination of behaviour analysis in mainstream education.  We aim to promote and advocate for behaviour analytic instructional approaches for learning academic skills, and interventions for behavioural challenges with typically developing children, in mainstream settings.

  • To disseminate research and knowledge of practice in this area within the UK behaviour analytic community and to the wider community (e.g., teachers and parents).
  • To develop training opportunities and promote professional development in this area.
  • To facilitate information sharing and provide opportunities to collaborate on research that improves the application of behaviour analysis in general education.

 Specific aims

  • To recruit a network of practitioners and researchers who use behaviour analysis in general education, conduct research in this area, or are interested in pursuing research or practice in the area.
  • To develop a social media group specific to behaviour analysis in mainstream education, to both communicate with other members of this network, and to disseminate applications to the wider community.
  • To meet twice per year for planning and to support the network of behaviour analysts.
  • To develop an information resource (which can be published on the UK-SBA website) describing effective behaviour analytic interventions for mainstream settings, and providing a bibliography of key readings in the area.


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