To provide a network through which clinicians, researchers, and students with an interest in applying the science of behaviour to working with older adults can connect, share materials and evidence, and collaborate to further the field of behavioural gerontology in the UK. The SIG aims to:

  • Promote the use of conceptually systematic behaviour-analytic technologies with older adults by clinicians
  • Promote and support high-quality behavioural gerontology research by UK-based researchers
  • Support evidence-based practice by training and professional development events
  • Promote and disseminate the use of behaviour analysis with older adults both within the field of behaviour analysis in the UK, and to services, policy-makers, and other professionals.

Specific aims

Our mission links directly with the mission and objectives of UK-SBA. We demonstrate this with a focus on:

  • Providing information to services, clinicians, and researchers.
  • Providing a forum through which practitioners can access peer support, and seek mentorship.
  • Host a range of education events, including continuing education events for behaviour analysts, dissemination events for services, and network events for researchers.
  • Develop a fact sheet on behavioural gerontology that can be shared with services and other professionals.

Essential Readings

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