• Generate an interest in the area of crime and justice by Behaviour Analysts
  • Create a forum where people can ask questions about this area and access behavioural and/or other related research
  • Promote the advancement of training opportunities and the potential for people to gain employment in the area of crime and justice
  • Allow professionals to network and work together in order to expand our field into this area successfully
  • Increase the amount of behavior analytic research exploring crime and justice

Specific Aims

  • Make some steps towards expanding behavior analysis into the field of crime and justice
  • Work with the community of behavior analysts in the UK to develop training opportunities in this area
  • Work with the community of behavior analysts in the UK to explore possible opportunities for employment or work experience within the criminal justice or social care systems by behavior analysts
  • Promote the development of research projects within behavior analysis which will seek to investigate the area of crime and justice
  • Hold annual meetings in order to assess our success with achieving the aims of the special interest group

Essential Readings

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