The Independent Practitioners in ABA SIG aims to develop a network of behaviour analysts working independently in the UK, provide support and information, and promote the development of high standards of practice in the application of behaviour analytic principles in independent settings.


Specific Aims:

  • Training and education - We aim to support the UK-SBA’s objective of training and education by providing a forum in which practitioners can share and recommend conferences, workshops, books, resources, etc.  (Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct, 10.1)
  • Peer support - The SIG will allow professionals to network and seek support from other members with more experience, thereby supporting the integrity and quality of ABA-based interventions country-wide. Professionals will be able to discuss techniques, resources, materials, and research. (Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct, 9.1, 10.2)
  • Supporting best practice – The SIG aims to encourage and support practitioners in adopting areas of best practice; for example, obtaining insurance, using contracts with clients, accessing suitable safeguarding training, and signing up for the DBS update service where possible (Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct, 18.4, 21.4).

For SIG Members:

Please join and participate in our Independent Practitioners Facebook Group.


For more information or to join the Independent Practitioners SIG please contact Jo Westley via

[email protected]


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