Organisational behaviour management (OBM) is the application of behavioural principles to individuals and groups working within business, industry, government, and human service settings. OBM has its roots in the field of applied behaviour analysis; it focuses on what people do, analyses why they do it, and then applies an evidence-based intervention strategy to produce socially significant change in human behaviour. Modern OBM includes a number of sub-disciplines such as performance management, systems analysis, and behaviour-based safety.


  • To promote awareness and knowledge of research and practice in OBM within the UK behaviour analytic community and wider industry.
  • To promote and develop training opportunities in the UK and provide a platform for continuing professional development.
  • To provide opportunities to collaborate on research and service evaluations focussed on OBM.
  • To provide opportunities for professionals to network.

Specific Aims

  • To arrange at least one event with an expert speaker in OBM per year 
  • To have two meetings per year, one aimed at planning and business the other aimed at supporting networking.
  • To plan and discuss ways in which OBM can be introduced to wider UK industry through the SIG and its membership.

Essential Readings

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Other Links

Please see the links below which are other websites focussed on OBM which provide a wide variety of resources.  By joining the US OBM network you are able to get access to the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management which is the main journal for this area.


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