The Positive Behaviour Support Special Interest Group (PBS SIG), which brings together practitioners, educators, researchers and students interested in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), has three aims:

  • To influence, and promote high standards in, PBS service delivery in the UK
  • To disseminate best practice in PBS research, practice and training
  • To provide opportunities for networking, peer support, and professional development

Specific Aims:

The above mission statement could be said to have one over-arching goal: to improve the quality of PBS as it is practiced in the UK and to support those involved in its delivery and dissemination.  This maps onto the broad aims of the UK-SBA will regard to the promotion of behaviour analysis as a field and the support and development of the professionals, researchers and educators active in its various domains.

More specifically, one of the aims of the PBS SIG is to “To influence, and promote high standards in, PBS service delivery in the UK”.  This will support the UK-SBA’s goals of ensuring “… the highest standard of care, practice and professionalism to provide the best possible service for those who require the skills of practising behaviour analysts” in two ways:

We hope to contribute to the attainment of these goals through SIG meetings (we plan to hold at least two per year), which, in addition to less formal methods of information sharing such as networking and peer support, will also include presentations (case-study and research-based) and workshops.

For more information:

For more information or to join the PBS SIG Chair, Chloe-Ann Elmer-May at [email protected]


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