UK-SBA November 2023 Speakers’ Series 

We are delighted to bring you our 17th Speakers’ Series.  To allow flexibility in attendance we will be holding a full repeat of the in-person day held earlier this month on-line.  This Speakers' Series will involve group work and discussion and therefore both dates will NOT be recorded as attendees will need to interact with fellow attendees.  Both dates have the same content and both dates presented by Dr Maggie Hoerger.

All bookings are to be made via Eventbrite.  The event will be in workshop format with presentations and group sessions.

Please note this Speakers' Series was held as an in-person event and this will be repeated as the virtual event.  The in-person workshop will be repeated fully as a virtual workshop to allow flexibility in attendance.  Neither workshop will be recorded and both workshops will have exactly the same content.
In-Person Workshop:

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Virtual Workshop:

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The session will allow you to earn 6 CPD/CEUs.

Fees for CPD/CEUS are included in the event registration fee.

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Topic: Supervision of the new UKBA(cert) system

The UK-SBA requires trainee UKBA(cert)s to receive supervision using the UKBA(cert) Professional and Supervision standards. The Competence Framework is a list of 85 skill and knowledge times that trainees must demonstrate over the course of their supervised experience. The skill and knowledge items have been loosely defined with the intention that they will apply to a variety of practice settings. However, because they are imprecise by intention, the standards may present a challenge to supervisors navigating this supervision system for the first time.

In these workshops, we will:

  • Consider the standards and how they might be operationalised in different practice settings. There will be opportunities for supervisors to discuss the standards with others who work in similar settings.
  • Discuss the gaps in the standards that are practice-specific. What additional standards do you need to develop in your setting to ensure that trainees become competent practitioners?

The workshops will include some presentations but will be primarily structured as small group sessions that will feed into large discussions. By the end of the workshops, attendees will have greater confidence in their understanding of the new supervision standards and also a community of peers to support our collective understanding of the new standards.

Speaker: We are excited to announce the return of Dr. Maggie Hoerger to our speaker series.

Maggie is a UKBA(cert)/BCBA-D and is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at Bangor University, where she is the course director of the MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis.  Her research interests and practice include working with school leaders and teachers to integrate behaviour analysis into maintained schools.  She works with Local Authorities, SEN schools, and Pupil Referral Units to establish universal behaviour analysis provision, with an emphasis on early years teaching and functional based interventions. Maggie is also the President of the UK Society for Behaviour Analysis.


Maggie Hoerger


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Attendees should register for either the in-person event or the virtual event - content on both dates will be exactly the same.
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To Book:

You should only book either the in-person event OR the virtual event.  These are the same workshop.  This Speakers' Series will be held as an in-person event and then repeated as a virtual event.  The in-person workshop will be repeated fully as a virtual workshop to allow flexibility in attendance - the content is exactly the same.
Neither workshop will be recorded and both workshops will have exactly the same content.


In-Person - This event is now closed.


Virtual - This event is now closed.

  • November 2023 Speakers' Series - In-Person
     November 9, 2023
     10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • November 2023 Speakers' Series - Virtual
     November 23, 2023
     9:15 am - 3:15 pm