Full Supporting Membership


UK-SBA full membership is open to anyone whose professional commitments include teaching, research and/or practice in behaviour analysis as evidenced by any of the following criteria:

  • Professional behaviour analysis credential (BACB® or CABAS® certification), or
  • A master’s or doctoral level degree in behaviour analysis, or
  • A minimum of 3 years full-time work experience (or equivalent) engaged in teaching, researching or practising behaviour analysis. This option requires a letter of support from an individual who meets criteria 1 or 2, and specific details of the work experience.

Please see Application Form to view examples of eligible qualifications, training and experience. Equivalents will be considered with the aim of being as inclusive across all areas of Behaviour Analysis as possible.


Full members may stand for UK-SBA Board positions and have full voting rights. Full membership also entitles members to a discount on UK-SBA conference and event registration, EABG conference registration, and access to members-only website areas.

Please note that a membership year is one calendar year from the date of joining. Anyone joining prior to March 31 2013 will need to renew by March 31 2014. Members are expected to adhere to the BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts.

Supporting members are those members who wish to voluntarily provide additional resources to support the organization beyond standard full membership fees. These members enjoy the same benefits as full members.

Price: £50.00 per year

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