Student Membership


Student membership of the UK-SBA is open to applicants currently enrolled on an undergraduate or postgraduate course or module in Behaviour Analysis with an ABAI Verified Course Sequence.

Evidence Required

Letter from a University, College, School staff member verifying course or module enrolment and evidence of ABAI Verified Course Sequence. 

The UK-SBA Reference template created for this purpose should be completed by your staff member and attached as your supporting evidence.

Note: Student members are not searchable for work on the UK-SBA Register. If you are both a student and practitioner and want to be searchable for work on the UK-SBA Register you must apply for membership to one of the other UK-SBA membership categories.


Reduced membership fee.

Student members studying UK-based courses are eligible to stand for election to the Board of Directors as Student Representative.

Student membership also entitles members to a discount on UK-SBA conference and event registration, discounts on EABG and EABA conference registration, and access to members-only website areas.

Full access to UK-SBA Job Board


Board of Directors: Student Representative

Continuing Education Requirements


Membership Fee : £25.00 per year

Apply for Student Membership

Please fill every box in the form below - if a box is not relevant to you please just add N/A. Your answers to the following questions will create your searchable profile and it is therefore essential you put an answer for each question. You cannot submit your form unless you have provided an answer for each field.

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Areas of Expertise and Number of Years Practising
?Please enter number of years experience; enter "none" where you do not have experience in that field
Mainstream Education*
Learning Disabilities (Adult)*
Organisational Behaviour Management*
Learning Disabilities (Children)*
?Please list any other areas of expertise not included in the list above and number of years experience in this area. (250 character limit)
?Please list relevant degree(s)/qualification(s) including awarding body and date of award (250 character limit)
(you will need to provide evidence or your certificant number for each qualification you list when you upload your supporting evidence at the end of the regsitration process)
Other Information
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    You must answer yes or no to each of these questions. Students and others who are NOT available for work please click NO to the following fields; Offering Supervision, Available for Work, I have a DBS, My Insurance is Current, My Safeguarding Training is Up to Date as these fields are not relevant to you.
    Offering Supervision*
    I am available for work*
    I hold a current disclosure (i.e. DBS, Access NI, Disclosure Scotland) at the level appropriate to the population I work with. (Acquired within 3 years of my registration date with the UK-SBA)*
    ?Evidence is compulsory if you are available for work and/or offering supervision We understand there are difficulties for independent, self-employed practitioners obtaining an enhanced disclosure if they cannot access an employer to apply for one on their behalf. We are exploring alternative routes for our members with the authorities, as this is a clear anomaly in the system. But in the meantime, please submit a basic disclosure.
    My Insurance is current*
    ?Evidence is compulsory if you are available for work and/or offering supervision.
    I have completed Safeguarding Training at the level appropriate to the population I work with. (Acquired within 3 years of my registration date with the UK-SBA)*
    ?Evidence is compulsory if you are available for work and/or offering supervision
    I have read and agree to abide by the UK-SBA Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct *
    I have read and agree the UK-SBA Complaints Procedure *
    I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the GDPR Policy Documents for UK-SBA Membership *
    I would like my contact information to be displayed on the searchable Voluntary Register*
    Upload relevant supporting documents for you application.These may include: certificates, academic transcripts, employer references, BCBA certificant numbers and so on.
    All information must be evidenced by uploading relevant documents:
    • Undergraduate/Postgraduate Academic Qualifications such as PGDip/Msc/PhD - certificates or transcripts required for all relevant qualifications you list
    • Professional Qualifications such as BCBA/BCaBA/CABAS/RBT -certificant number required for all, you may supply your cerificate. If you are searchable for work you MUST provide your DBS certificate, Insurance Certificate, CPD Certificates letters of reference etc
    • Please note we cannot approve your membership without all required supporting evidence - if you do not have an electronic version of your certificate(s) please provide a clear photograph or scanned image of your certificate(s).
    • For those providing a letter of support (Associate, Affiliate, Student Categories) you must use and upload our letter template downloadable from the "Evidence Required" section at the top of the form - your CV is not acceptable as supporting evidence.
    Upload documents*
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      If you have been sanctioned by or struck off any other professional register, you have a duty to disclose this to the UK-SBA at the time of applying for or renewing membership. If you respond in the affirmative, your application for membership or renewal will still be considered and you will be invited by the UK-SBA to provide further information.
      I have not been sanctioned by or struck off another professional register.
      I have been sanctioned by or struck off another professional register.