New Membership Categories

The UK-SBA has revised its membership categories in order to meet educational and professional standards expected by the Professional Standards Authority.  These new membership categories will launch on 6th May 2019.

Additionally, in light of expenses that will be incurred to apply for and maintain Accredited Register status, membership fees have been increased to cover those expenses.

These changes to membership categories apply from the launch of the new website/voluntary register on 6th of May 2019 and the new membership fees will be payable on the date of each existing member’s membership renewal or for new members joining us after this date.

Our New Membership Categories Grid summarises our new membership categories, criteria, evidence required and fees.

The UK-SBA Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct

In order to join the register, UK-SBA members must meet standards relating to business practice, personal integrity and the protection of consumers.  This will include agreeing to abide by the UK-SBA Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct, which emphasises public safety in the context of UK law.