We understand it can be distressing to have a complaint made against you. However, in the interest of consumer protection and the reputation of the behaviour analysis profession as a whole, we must ensure any complaints and concerns about our members are addressed fully and fairly.

Our aim is always to help members address poor practice that leads to complaints and to raise professional standards.

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It's important that you read and understand our UK-SBA Complaints Procedure.

You agree to be bound by this when you join the UK-SBA or renew your membership. It's also your responsibility to bring it to the attention of clients who may wish to complain about you.

When we receive a complaint

If we receive a complaint about you, we'll give you the opportunity to comment and provide additional information before we complete the Threshold test.

We can only accept certain kinds of complaints (please visit Complaint Considerations)

We'll also let you know if a complaint passes the test. You don't have to respond formally at this stage, but you should notify your insurance company.

If early resolution proves possible on minor issues, we may give you advice on how to improve your practice or agree an appropriate sanction with you.

It's important you engage with the process. Once a complaint is being considered, we'll continue to process it even if you lapse or resign your membership.
When a complaint goes to a hearing

The Complaints Secretary will only refer complaints to a hearing where there is realistic prospect that a panel would find there has been a breach of professional standards. The complaint will be referred to a First Stage Panel consisting of three members of which at least one will be a lay member, and one will be a Behaviour Analyst appointed by the Complaints Secretary from the list held of suitable persons. A Chair of the panel will also be appointed from the list (and could be a lay member or a Behaviour Analyst). The Complaints Secretary will be responsible for ensuring that the panel members chosen have the appropriate knowledge to deal with the case and ensuring they have no conflict of interest in relation to the complainant or the registrant who is subject to the complaint.

You can find further information on the procedures for panel hearings in our UK-SBA Complaints Procedure.