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Society Aims

Training and Education

The UK-SBA  promotes, encourages and develops training and educational opportunities for practising behaviour analysts, those pursuing certification, and allied health professions interested in and supporting practising behaviour analysts. The main aim is to ensure the highest standard of care, practice and professionalism to provide the best possible service for those who require the skills of practising behaviour analysts.

One of the main priorities of the UK-SBA is to promote, encourage and develop training opportunities across the UK. In this context a significant focus of the UK-SBA is to develop the UK base of expertise and provide a platform for continuing professional development (CPD) of those engaged in behaviour analysis in clinical and other settings, and those who support such work.

The UK-SBA will develop a practical education and training statement that charts the organisation’s goals, action plan and timeline to accomplish the mission for the continuing professionalization of behaviour analysis in the UK. This will be the responsibility of an Education and Training subtask group made up of a chair (an elected board member responsible for the development of education and training), and other key individuals involved in developing training and education initiatives in the UK.

The UK-SBA will run an annual conference that will include workshops and training events; these training events will be aimed at a diverse audience from professionals in practice to parents and users of behaviour analysis services. The UK-SBA will endeavour to make such training affordable and accessible to the membership. The UK-SBA will aim to provide multiple training events throughout the year to encourage CPD and career progression. The UK-SBA will work to develop inclusive training to target and enable those interested from varying educational backgrounds.

In partnership with training providers in the field, UK-SBA will develop a plan that will enhance and promote existing training opportunities, through signposting quality courses and providers. The UKSBA aims to develop a systematic plan to encourage UK behaviour analysts to gain certified status and maintain their professional status once certified.

Providers of good quality and reasonably costed training will be recognised and promoted. UK-SBA will seek to offer and signpost continuing professional development to other professionals in the UK.


Behaviour analysis events, training and other relevant links may be viewed here.


Advocating and Facilitating Behaviour Analytic Research

All research supported or facilitated by the organisation shall be consistent with the ethical guidelines of the field of behaviour analysis (i.e. the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Guidelines for Responsible Conduct) and focused on advancing the science of behaviour analysis.

The organisation advocates and facilitates the dissemination of research findings to behaviour analysts, as well as other scientists, professionals, and consumers via its website, conferences, training workshops, and newsletters.


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