UK-SBA Election Information

• The inaugural Board will be responsible for taking forward the work of the UK-SBA during the initial year of business

• The Board of Governors will consist of 8 members, comprising:

– 6 full members (elected by full members)

– 1 student member (elected by student members)

– 1 affiliate member (elected by affiliate members)
• From among the six full members elected to the Board, there will be four officers:

– President

– President Elect

– Treasurer

– Secretary

• The above positions will be voted on by all 8 elected Inaugural Board members.

• All 8 members (6 full and 2 affiliate), plus any co-opted members of the inaugural Board will stand down on 31stMarch 2014.

• A nomination and election process will take place before March 2014 to allow all full members of the UK-SBA to be nominated for specific officer positions (President, President Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary).

• All UK-SBA members (full, Student and Affiliate) can put themselves forward for nomination for the inaugural Board of Governors.

• When registered as a member of the UK-SBA you will have been sent an email asking if you would like to stand for the first board.

• Members can also express an interest by contacting UK-SBA via e-mail .
• Interest must be received by 15 April 2013 along with a brief biography. At the close of business on 15 April 2013 nominations for the inaugural Board will be closed.

Elections will take place electronically via the UK-SBA website.

• A list of nominees (full and affiliate) and their brief biography will be posted on the website and the election process will take place from 29 April 2013 till 17 May 2013.

• All full members will be asked to cast 4 votes and affiliate/student members 1 vote.

• All full members will be asked to cast 4 votes and affiliate/student members 1 vote.

• The 6 full members and 2 affiliate/student members with the most votes from their constituent voting membership will be appointed. Nominees will not be allowed to cast a vote.

• In the event of a tie, a list will be provided on the website and members will be asked to cast a further vote for their preferred nominee. This process will continue until a clear 6 full, 1 student and 1 affiliate members are selected.

Results of the election will be published in the week following the close of voting. Members will be informed via e-mail when the results are available.