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What is the UK-SBA Register? 

The UK-SBA is committed to protecting the public.  The Register provides reassurance to clients, employers and the general public that a registered practitioner adheres to high standards of competence and ethical practice.

The UK-SBA Register follows all the principles and standards required by statutory and accreditation regulations and is the first step towards establishing an accredited register.

The UK-SBA Register is supported by Behaviour Analysts working independently and by those organisations that employ Behaviour Analysts in the UK.  The UK-SBA recognises the benefits that self-regulation followed by accreditation will bring in terms of protection and the safety and well being of users of Behaviour Analytic services.

The UK-SBA continues to work towards formal accreditation and recognition for Behaviour Analysts in the UK. This has been a major focus of our work since we were set up. You can read our position statement on accreditation here:
Position Statement on Accreditation.

Why the UK-SBA Register is important 

Consumers and those who commission services can see your registration and see that in line with other professions you are governed by professional standards

  • The Register is a useful advertising tool for members and is a free service for consumers
  • By signing up to the Register consumers can be reassured that you are practising safely

By signing up and agreeing to self-regulation you are supporting other Behaviour Analysts in the UK and helping us obtain assured register status in line with other UK professions.

Register Requirements


There are risks involved in the practice of Behaviour Analysis.  It is important that registrants have adequate insurance to cover these risks including professional liability insurance and public liability insurance (employer's liability may also apply if you employ other staff).  Usually your employer will be responsible for your insurance, but if you are an independent practitioner you will need to arrange your own insurance cover.  To go on the UK-SBA Register you will need to provide evidence of appropriate insurance.

UK-SBA has made arrangements with Towergate (http://www.towergateinsurance.co.uk/liability-insurance ) for appropriate cover.

Ethical Guidelines

All members are required to sign up to the UK-SBA Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct.


All those who wish to register must also state that they comply with all relevant legislation which impacts on their working practice. This includes:

Equality Act 2010

Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974

General Data Protection Regulation 2018

Data Protection Act 1998

Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations amended May 2011

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Human Rights Act 1998

Mental Capacity Act 2005

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006

Codex Alimentarius, established 1963

Safeguarding and DBS

You have a professional duty to safeguard and protect children and vulnerable adults.  You must follow advice from professionals and regulatory bodies.  To join the UK-SBA Register practitioners must provide 1) an up-to-date Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Certificate and 2) evidence of Safeguarding training.

There are a number of online safeguarding courses.  You should ensure you select one that is suitable to the population with whom you are working.  If you work with children, the NSPCC offers an affordable online safeguarding course.

DBS regulations:


Please see the information here to check which DBS is appropriate for the work you do:


Continuing Professional Development

With the exception of Student Members, all members of the UK-SBA are required to evidence 6 hours of continuing professional development, CPD,  during each year of their membership.

For full guidance please see our accepted Continuing Professional Development Routes.

Data Protection

Practitioners must take into account the rights of clients and their own responsibilities under UK Data Protection legislation and other legal requirements.  This includes protecting information and data, including data held in a digital format. See Data Protection information:  http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/29/contents and the UK-SBA Full GDPR Policy.

Complaints Procedure

All registrants are asked to sign a declaration as part of the registering process that commits them to adhering to the UK-SBA Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct. The UK-SBA will expect members of the public to bring matters of unethical or poor practice to its attention. We will always encourage complainants to take the matter up with the practitioner or their organisation in the first instance. Any complainant will be asked to show evidence that they have done this before the UK-SBA will accept the complaint. If a complaint is received the registrant will be notified and sent a copy of all documentation. The complaint will be dealt with according to the UK-SBA Complaints Procedure.

To become a UK-SBA member and join the Register please click here: Join the UK-SBA