Why does the UK-SBA need a Register?

When you are looking for a Behaviour Analyst, or want to check the experience or credentials of a Behaviour Analyst you have been allocated by your hospital, school or organisation, it can be difficult to know where to start. You want to have confidence in the practitioner who will be working with you, to know something about their training and experience or the length of time they have worked in the field. You will want reassurance that they have proper Disclosure credentials, are trained in Safeguarding and are appropriately insured. To these ends, the UK-SBA has set up a Register.

The UK-SBA Register is a way of helping the public both to find Behaviour Analysts and check the qualifications, certification and experience of any individual they are considering employing or working with.

All UK-SBA members, with the exception of Student members, appear on the UK-SBA Register.

By registering on the UK-SBA Register members of the society have shown a commitment to working ethically and professionally and to adhering to UK statutory standards such as having a Disclosure check, completed appropriate Safeguarding training and hold appropriate insurance for their practice.