What is the UK-SBA Register?

All UK-SBA members, with the exception of Student members, appear on the UK-SBA Register.  The UK-SBA Register is for members of the public who use, or wish to use, the services of a Behaviour Analyst or would like to contact a Behaviour Analyst for advice. You can search for a Behaviour Analyst in your geographical area or for one with specific expertise who may be able to provide services or advice. Or you can check the qualifications and experience as well as the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly Criminal Records Bureau) and insurance status of a member who has been assigned to work with you.

The UK-SBA Register has been accredited under the Professional Standards Authority’s Accredited Registers programme.  This means that our members who are working in Health and Social Care will have the Accredited Register Quality Mark visible on their searchable profile when we begin to roll this out towards the end of March 2023.

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Behaviour Analysts work for organisations like hospitals, care establishments and schools. Many also work for charitable organisations and private practices, or as sole independent practitioners, providing services on a consultancy basis. For more information please click here: About Behaviour Analysis

Many of our Registrants are highly qualified (and the number of trained and professionally credentialed Behaviour Analysts in the UK continues to grow). Some Registrants have a Masters degree or PhD in Behaviour Analysis and certification of their expertise confirmed by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board, BACB. Visit the BACB website for further information on credentials and qualifications. Others have many years of training and experience gained from working with families and clients with Learning Disabilities or Autism, or in settings for people with emotional or behavioural difficulties, or in organisational settings concerned with safety and organisational behaviour management.