Student Members must be non-practising.  If a Student is studying and working as a Behaviour Analyst in any capacity then they must join the UK-SBA under the category suited to their existing certification, qualification or experience.

Student members do not appear on the register as they are non-practising and therefore do not need to hold insurance, a disclosure or safeguarding training for the purposes of membership.

All student members must use the provided Student Membership Template Letter for student membership to be approved.

All student members must be studying a course in Behaviour Analysis that contains a BACB/ABAI verified course sequence.

Student members must inform the UK-SBA if their working status changes during their studies i.e. they do decide to seek employment as a Behaviour Analyst or become employed.  In such a case they would need to upload evidence for their insurance, disclosure and safeguarding training and they would be moved to the appropriate membership category for their role.  In this case they would be invoiced for the remaining months on their term of membership at the appropriate higher registration fee.