UK-SBA November 2020 Speakers' Series available to attend online NOW!

Featuring Dr Peter Gerhardt, Prof Jon Bailey, Prof Henry Roane and Ms Heather Kadey, M.S., BCBA

Our guest speakers Dr Peter Gerhardt, Prof Jon Bailey, Prof Henry Roane and Ms Heather Kadey, M.S., BCBA, presented the following four sessions over the two day event respectively:

    • Individuals with ASD, Sexuality and Sexuality Education: What You Need to Know and Probably Don’t (Dr Gerhardt)
    • Common Misinterpretations of the BACB Code as Received at the ABA Ethics Hotline (Prof Bailey)
    • Implementing a Parent Training Program to Address High-Frequency Challenging Behaviours in Children with ASD (Prof Roane)
    • Assessing and Treating Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder in Children: Novel Approaches to Examining Selectivity, Refusal, Skill Development, and Treatment (Ms Kadey)


Click on the names in the schedule below for a full introduction to each speaker, session abstract and learning objectives.

  Day 1 - Thursday 12th November Day 2 - Friday 13th November
Session 1   (1.5 hours) Dr Peter Gerhardt Prof Henry Roane
Session 2   (1.5 hours) Prof Jon Bailey Heather J Kadey


Each of the four talks will allow you to earn 1.5 CPD/CEUs, meaning that a total of 6 CPD/CEUs are available for the entire event. Fees for CPD/CEUS are included in the registration fee.

Sessions are available to purchase via BehaviorLive and your CEUs/CPD units will be issued by BehaviorLIVE once you have completed your session(s).

Registering for these Sessions

Please note registration for any of these workshops is now only accessible via the BehaviorLIVE website.

Attendees may register for both days or a single day for each Speakers' Series.

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