Renewing UK-SBA Membership: Queries and Guidance

This page has been designed to help our existing UK-SBA Members understand and complete the Membership Renewal process in full.  This page will answer common queries and will take you through each area of consideration required before making your renewal.

Please visit our Membership FAQs page if you have any membership questions that have not been covered here.

Membership Renewal Notices

At approximately 30 days and again at 2 days before your membership expires you will be sent automated email reminders that your membership is ending soon. You will also be sent a final reminder email once your membership has expired.  These emails are sent to your registered email address.

You can renew your membership at any point before it does expire and the new end date will default to a year after the current expiry date i.e. you will not lose any days on your membership if you renew before expiry.   If you renew after the expiry date your new term will run for 12 months at the point you renew.


What do I need to do?

You do not need to create a new account.  You should always log in to your existing account to make your renewal.  You can log in using your registered email address or your chosen User Name.  You will also need your chosen Password.  If you have forgotten your password you can reset this by clicking on the "Lost your password?" button on the Log In page.  Instructions on how to set up a new password will be sent to your registered email address.

When your account is approaching the end of the current membership term a Renewal Button will be available when you login.

If your account is still active at the point you are renewing you will be able to log in and view your account profile and make any changes prior to clicking on the renew button.

If your account has expired you will need to make your renewal and then update your account profile.


Checking your Account

You need to check the whole of your account to ensure all of your information is still current and all of your supporting evidence is still appropriate when you renew to ensure you are still searchable on the UK-SBA Register.

You may be changing member type and in this case you will certainly need to make changes.

If anything needs changing, is now out of date or no longer applicable, please make any edits and upload new supporting evidence as necessary.

It is ideal to have all your account updated fully at the point of renewing if possible.  All accounts are reviewed at the point they are renewed and if any fields have not been updated or any supporting evidence is missing we will contact you.

If you have any queries regarding renewals and what information is required please contact us at [email protected]

A quick check list of evidence you should ensure is still current for the level you are choosing to renew at is listed below:

  • Evidence of 6 CPDs* has been attached
  • Eligibility for your chosen level of membership - this is especially important if you are changing membership category - please refer to our registration pages for evidence required
  • Disclosure evidence was issued within 3 years of your membership renewal date and is uploaded to your account
  • Safeguarding Certificate was issued within 3 years of your membership renewal date and is uploaded to your account
  • Insurance evidence is current and uploaded to your account
  • All training/qualifications cited on your profile are evidenced on your account - evidence must be official certificates/transcripts
  • Photograph is your preferred image
  • Contact Address is still current
  • Telephone Number is still current
  • Email Address is still current - this will be used by the UK-SBA to contact you
  • Changes to your profile statement are supported with any necessary evidence e.g. if you mention a new qualification
  • Ensure reference to your current place of work is still relevant if you have changed employment
  • Your years of experience in particular fields are still correct


Please note anybody renewing from a Full, Associate and Affiliate member will need to attach evidence that they have completed at least six hours of Continuing Professional Development (six CPD units) during the last 12 months as per the conditions of membership.

When you come to renew your membership you must attach evidence that you have completed at least six CPD units.  The BACB Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are acceptable too; one BACB CEU is equivalent to one CPD unit.   You do not need to be BACB registered to collect CPDs/CEUs.

Only CPDs/CEUs from a certified ACE (Authorised Continuing Education) provider are acceptable here.  For a detailed list of applicable CPDs please visit our guide to Continuing Professional Development Guidance Routes. Training providers will note if their event provides ACE CPD units.

You will need to attach certificates/evidence to your account to demonstrate you have completed 6 CPDs for approval of renewed membership.

Evidence of CPDs is not applicable to student members as they are studying the subject.


Updating Your Account

To make changes to your existing account you should always ensure you access the UK-SBA website via a newer internet provider e.g. Google Chrome or Firefox – the new features on our website are best supported on these providers.   It is preferable to access your account using a desk top machine rather than using a mobile or tablet as it is easier to navigate your account on a lap top or pc.

Log in to your account.  You will be able to access and amend your account profile by hovering over “dashboard” at the top right hand corner of the screen via the “My Dashboard” option.  You will see a box entitled “Important Links” with a list of links to make changes to your profile.

Check all fields and upload any supporting evidence that needs updating or adding:

  • Do not include your CV - a CV is NOT acceptable for any supporting evidence for any of our member types as all evidence must be verified.
  • Please do not email your evidence to us, only the account holder can attach supporting evidence to their account - unfortunately, we cannot do this for you.

Once you have checked all fields and ensured all of your supporting evidence is uploaded, correct and up to date you are ready to renew your membership, please ensure you have your debit or credit card to hand to make your renewal payment via our secure STRIPE payment system when prompted.

To renew you simply log in to your account as normal and click on the “renew” button.


Appearing on the Searchable Register

At the point you renew we will recheck your profile and supporting evidence and if it is incorrect you will be notified via email to your registered email account.  Your profile will not be visible on the searchable register until the account is fully approved again.

If your membership expires you will be removed from the searchable UK-SBA Register.  At the point you renew, your membership will run from that date for 12 months.  Again your account will not be visible on the searchable register until it has been approved again.


What happens if I need to change my member type mid-term of my current membership?

This is very easy to do.  In the first instance you would need to contact us at [email protected] to inform us of your request.  We would then determine what changes you need to make to your profile if any and also what supporting evidence is required.  We would determine what amount of money we either owe to you or you need to pay to change member type.  The amount is determined by working out the amount per month and then determining how many months of membership are left to the end of the current term.

If we owe you - we will arrange a refund to the card used to make your membership payment via STRIPE.

If you owe the UK-SBA - we will issue you with an electronic invoice for the required amount.  This will be emailed to your registered email address.

Once any necessary financial transaction has been completed and all necessary supporting evidence received, we would change your member type and your account would be approved.