The BACB granted our request for a 3-year extension to the deadline for BACB certifications in the UK.  This means that behaviour analysts residing in the UK have until 31 December 2025 to become qualified BCBAs, BCaBAs, or RBTs.

The BACB’s decision to allow applicants in the UK to continue to access new BACB certifications for up to three additional years is due to the progress the UK-SBA has made in pursuit of professional recognition and a UK-based credential system. This allows UK behaviour analysts to maintain continuity of access to a professional credential while the UK-SBA finalises its plan to develop a national credential within the UK.

We realise you may have further questions about how the BACB’s decision affects you.  Before emailing the UK-SBA with queries, please review the FAQs below:


What does the deadline extension mean?

The BACB announced that they would no longer certify behaviour analysts living outside of the US and Canada after 31 December 2022.  The deadline extension means that behaviour analysts residing in the UK have until 31 December 2025 to meet all requirements to become BCBAs, BCaBAs, or RBTs.


Does the deadline extension apply to British Overseas Territories or the Commonwealth of Nations?

No. The BACB’s decision was based on a number of factors, including issues regarding employment law, copyright law, and data protection regulations in the UK.  Because overseas territories and commonwealth nations are governed by their own laws, behaviour analysts working in these areas are not eligible for the deadline extension (unless there is a BACB-approved deadline extension for those countries).


I have finished my MSc course and my supervised experience under the 4th Edition Task List requirements.  Do I have until 31 December 2025 to pass the exam?

No. If you apply for a BACB certification exam after 31 December 2021, you are required to meet the 5th Edition Task List coursework standards and the 2022 supervised fieldwork standards.


If I am an international student studying behaviour analysis in the UK, will the deadline extension apply to me?

The deadline extension will apply if you plan to reside and work in the UK as a behaviour analyst.  If you plan to return to your home country and your country has not been granted an extension, you must complete all certification requirements prior to 31 December 2022 to be eligible for BACB certification.


I am thinking of starting a university course to become certified as a behaviour analyst.  Should I just wait until the UK system is up and running?

We would encourage anyone wanting to become a behaviour analyst to begin their studies as soon as they are able to do so.  Any credentialing system that the UK-SBA develops will allow those who are already certified by the BACB to qualify under the appropriate UK credential.


If I become certified under the deadline extension and then move to another country, will I still be certified by the BACB?

Once certified by the BACB, you will remain certified in perpetuity, provided you continue to meet all the requirements for maintaining your certification (e.g., payment of renewal fees, continuing education requirements, professional and ethical compliance code attestation).


Once the UK develops its own credentialing system, will those already certified by the BACB automatically meet the requirements of the new UK system, or will there be additional requirements?

Individuals who have current BCBA or BCaBA certifications at the time the UK-SBA’s system is fully operational will be able to use those qualifications to meet the UK-SBA’s behaviour analytic standards.  However, our system might also require registrants to submit proof of their right to work in UK (e.g., a UK passport or residence permit), proof of professional liability insurance, and proof of a current DBS check.


If I am already a BCBA or BCaBA when the UK system is operational, will I need to choose between the two?

No.  Behaviour analysts in the UK may pursue and maintain any and all certifications or credentials for which they meet the standards.


What will happen if the UK does not have a fully functioning credentialing system before the end of the deadline extension?

The UK-SBA has been working diligently over the past few years to develop a UK-based credentialing system for behaviour analysts and we are making excellent progress.  One major milestone has been the development of the UK-SBA Register of Behaviour Analysts, which will soon be submitted for accreditation by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).  We also have developed a Credentialing Task Force, which is comprised of academic members of staff from behaviour analysis and PBS programmes across the four nations.  We have every confidence that the BACB’s deadline extension will provide us sufficient time to meet other credentialing milestones and develop a functioning system by 2026.


 Why didn’t the BACB grant indefinite continuation of the certification process for the UK?

We were not given a reason why the BACB decided not to grant indefinite continuation of the certification process.  However, we do know that the BACB considered a number of factors in making its decision and it seems that the deadline extension was the most viable option.


Could the BACB decide to withdraw the deadline extension?

Should the UK have a fully-functioning credentialing system prior to the 2025 deadline, the BACB reserves the right to withdraw further certification of UK applicants.  Further, changes to legislation due to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU could affect the deadline extension.  Should either of these scenarios occur, the UK-SBA will work with the BACB to establish a reasonable notice period for termination of BACB certifications.


Have a question we haven’t answered?

Please let us know and we will try to find the answer (e-mail: [email protected]). Please note that we cannot answer questions on behalf of the BACB.  If you have a question that is specific to the status of your certification, please contact the BACB or access their FAQs.